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Blockchain Product Engineering

Now ideas will shape into reality with Blockchain

We believe that Blockchain solutions are built on the ‘power of we’ – substantially different from the way other conventional technologies work. Our basic thumb rule is to identify a ‘shift of trust’ and a reduced ‘counterparty risk’ before getting onto an implementation. We provide blockchain solutions for different industries like Accounting and Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, Trading, and Information Technology. Using this thumb rule, along with our experience of deploying cross-industry Blockchain solutions, we created a development process for all our assignments.

Use-Case Identification

Blockchain brings value in environments where stakeholding, intermediary involvement and the un-trusted nature of transactions result in inefficient processes. Using our past experience and regular research, we work towards identifying a use-case where blockchain can add value to the business.


Requirement Gathering

Contact us and share your project requirement with us. Our experts will review your project details and create very appealing, technically rich, detailed documents.

Choose Engagement Models and Timelines

Based on the project details, our experts suggest you the best engagement model, estimated timelines and cost for project development.


Project Initiation

As per engagement model, project is allocated to an expert team, and after robust quality analysis our project manager delivers project as per timeline.

Blockchain/DLT Framework Decision

For each use-case, the next step is to freeze the blockchain framework like Ethereum, HyperLedger, Corda etc for developing a POC/MVP. This also includes taking decisions on type of implementation amongst private, permissioned and public blockchain.


Proof of Concept | MVP Development

Proof of Concept generally includes a solution document that showcases the system architecture to be built on blockchain framework. Post the POC, MVP development is a crucial and laborious stage where maximum time is spent behind the scenes to develop a working product.

API Integration & Smart Contract Audit

Blockchain solutions rarely exist without interacting with off-chain existing systems in which API integrations play a major role. For getting off-chain data into the blockchain and vice-versa, API integrations are required followed by audits to ensure compliance with industry standards


Production Level Deployment

Post API integration, audits and legal compliances, the solution gets ready for testing trials and then deployment in production environment.