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Enabling enterprise blockchain solutions

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What We Do

Range of services offered by us is one of the best way we share a close knit with our customer base.

  • Decentralized Digital Identity (SSI) And Verifiable Credentials

    SSI Solutions for individuals, Enterprises, and Devices based on open standards.

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  • Blockchain Product Engineering Services

    Now ideas will shape into reality with Blockchain

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  • Blockchain Consulting and Bespoke Solutions

    Enabling you to a make wise and informed investment decisions in Blockchain

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  • Blockchain and Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    Increase the reach of your solution with a mobile-first strategy to connect people with processes.

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  • DevOps Services

    Rope in our DevOps engineers & achieve higher team productivity in the complex software development operations.

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How Blockchain Solutions are creating revolutionary changes in Industrial space

  • Financial Services & Insurance

    Financial Services & Insurance

    Customers need to provide their personal, legal and financial information to various banks for the purpose of KYC. The KYC process for customers is slow and duplicative across many banking partners.

  • Asset Management & Real Estate

    Asset Management & Real Estate

    Asset management companies need to adopt Blockchain, if they wish to rise above the challenges of current environment which includes restructuring product portfolios, streamlining operations and offering digital-inspired customer experiences.

  • Supply Chain & Healthcare

    Supply Chain & Healthcare

    Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the most influential sectors affecting the entire global economy along with the lives of the entire world’s population. The global pharmaceutical industry, often regarded as slow-moving, conservative and resistant to change.

  • Government


    Blockchain has a special role to play in public administration as governments look for ways to modernize their services along with digital lines. Government agencies are inherently centralized, so change management in relation to issues of control and the future of work will have to take place as the technology is being explored.


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  1. Noah Marconi CTO, Tag Innovation

    AYANWORKS team has been working with us for the last 4 years as our prime technology partner in the Blockchain arena and have developed and implemented many successful solutions over the years. Notably, in partnership with AYANWORKS we were able to deliver an enterprise SSI platform for our customer ATB Ventures. The SSI knowledge and expertise AYANWORKS has exhibited was exemplary. They show a high level professionalism across all of their processes, execution methodology, expert design of complex systems, and, importantly, communication with all relevant stakeholders
  2. Haydar Majeed Co-founder, BizSecure

    AYANWORKS team has been working with us since April 2020 as a technology partner in the Blockchain-based Self-Sovereign Identity. During the enterprise SSI platform development work for BizSecure, the AYANWORKS team exemplarily exhibited deeper SSI knowledge and expertise. AYANWORKS team developed the end-to-end Enterprise SSI platform. All of this work was accomplished in less than 4 months adhering to all the quality standards.
  3. Kiran Addepalli VP of Engineering, Digital Trust

    Digital Trust Networks Inc. has engaged AYANWORKS since April 2020 on development of our Global Scale Identity Platform and we are extremely satisfied with the execution and quality of software delivered. AYANWORKS team has been working with us as technology partner in the Blockchain based Digital Identity Solution. As a result of contribution by AYANWORKS team, Digital Trust has been able to get the first release of our global scale platform ready to help some of our enterprise clients and it is the first of its kind enterprise platform that can scale across geographies.
  4. Mathieu Glaude CEO, Northern Block, Inc.

    Northern Block has engaged the AYANWORKS team on two separate projects since August 2020 and on both occasions have been extremely satisfied with the execution and quality of software delivered. We were quite pleased with the outcome, as the AYANWORKS team went above and beyond and delivered industry-best software for us, which showcases their knowledge & expertise of the technology stack.


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