Range of services offered by us is one of the best way we share a close knit with our customer base.
Blockchain Consulting and Solutions

A consulting-led service that focuses on the business challenges and the exploration of blockchain innovation opportunities.

Blockchain Product Engineering

From POC to large-scale solution implementations, we provide custom blockchain creation and integration services.

Decentralised Digital Identity (SSI) and Data Privacy

We are building the foundations of a shared identity network for individuals, Enterprises, applications, and devices based on open standards.

Blockchain & Enterprise Mobility Solutions

We drive enterprises strategically use mobility to connect people and processes, eventually transforming businesses, thanks to our deep domain and technological expertise.

DevOps Services

We help businesses achieve higher productivity in development and operations, faster time to market by early detection of emerging issues with our Enterprise DevOps services.

UI/UX Modernisation

We are well-equipped with the best facilities and amenities to handle all of your UI UX design needs, ensuring that you gain an excellent response from online audience.

Blockchain Protocols We Leverage


How Blockchain Solutions are creating revolutionary changes in Industrial space

Financial Services & Insurance

Customers need to provide their personal, legal and financial information to various banks for the purpose of KYC. The KYC process for customers is slow and duplicative across many banking partners.


Asset Management & Real Estate

Asset management companies need to adopt Blockchain, if they wish to rise above the challenges of current environment which includes restructuring product portfolios, streamlining operations and offering digital-inspired customer experiences.


Supply Chain & Healthcare

Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the most influential sectors affecting the entire global economy along with the lives of the entire world’s population. The global pharmaceutical industry, often regarded as slow-moving, conservative and resistant to change.



Blockchain has a special role to play in public administration as governments look for ways to modernize their services along with digital lines. Government agencies are inherently centralized, so change management in relation to issues of control and the future of work will have to take place as the technology is being explored.

Clients, Associates and Partners