Like every time, AYANWORKS is proud to sponsor the IIW Spring (April 2024) and DICE (June 2024). We are eager to meet everyone in person!

About us

Building a Decentralized World

We are a team of passionate software craftsmen who believe in delivering value to our customers by building greater customer intimacy, utilising innovative technology and lean principles.

Corporate Overview

AYANWORKS is a software development company incorporated in 2015. We provide Blockchain Consulting & Solutions and Outsource Product Engineering to enterprise customers on a global scale. Our team comprises experts in a wide range of blockchain technologies and platforms, including Self-sovereign identity, Decentralized identity, Hyperledger Aries, Hyperledger Indies, Hyperledger Fabric, Polygon, Cheqd & Ethereum.
We are a small team of passionate software technocrats who believe in delivering value to the customers by building greater customer intimacy, utilizing innovative technology stack and lean principles. The organization has made a mark for itself in the industry through its ability and adherence to commitments to its clients.

Teamwork And Unity
  1. Vision

    To become Technology Partner of choice to our customers in their business growth story.

  2. Mission

    To be the best partner of choice to our customers in Blockchain and Decentralized Identity space.

  3. Philosophy

    We are committed to our clients ever-changing business demands. Our corporate philosophy is to lay emphasis on Human Values and Personal Relations.

Why Us?

Delivering exceptional business value to our customers is at the core at AYANWORKS. We are focused on not just meeting but exceeding expectations of our customers while serving them. We understand that our success is measured by the success of our customers. Cost effective, Timely, Quality deliveries is what AYANWORKS strived to be known for.

Why us
  1. Customer @ Core

    Focus on customer intimacy. Reliable and high-quality solution. Constant and multiple touch points for increased involvement. Do what is right for customer.

  2. Competence & Capability

    Technology centric yet technology agnostic approach. Broad technology expertise. Constant investment in acquiring new technology

  3. Cost Effectiveness

    Cost effective solution. Faster turn around. Quick time to market. Higher ROI.

  4. Team @ Core

    Freedom and responsibility. Innovation encouraged. Do what is right philosophy.



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