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SSI Solutions for individuals, Enterprises, and Devices based on open standards.

Decentralized Digital Identity (SSI) And Verifiable Credentials

SSI Solutions for individuals, Enterprises, and Devices based on open standards.



Have you ever been required to enter personal data online, like your name, date of birth, or address, in order to use a service or make a purchase? Currently, we do this by using reputable third parties, such as banks or social media platforms, to store our personal data and give us access to various services. However, this outdated method of operating is a problem as our lives become more digital. Because all of our personal information is kept in one location, it creates a single point of failure and is therefore a tempting target for hackers. Additionally, the outdated digital identification model is having a hard time keeping up with the quick technological advances. Verifiable credentials and decentralized digital identity (SSI) are useful in this situation. Verifiable credentials and decentralized digital identity (SSI) are useful in this situation. We offer a more dependable and secure method of handling personal identification data. Verifiable credentials may be easily checked by other parties and only contain the information that is required, protecting your privacy. Contrarily, decentralized digital identification enables you to control your own digital identity without the aid of a central authority or middleman.

Why Decentralized Identity is Important

In this age of digital transformation, where data breaches and identity theft have become all too common, it’s more important than ever to have a secure and trusted identity management system. Decentralized identity is a cutting-edge new identification strategy that restores control to the people. Decentralized identities aid in protecting privacy and improving the security of personal information.

1) Organizations: Issuing organizations can offer credentials that are tamper-proof, and verifying organizations can quickly determine their veracity.  

2) Individuals: Completely in charge of their digital identity and credentials, they can make claims on their own without needing any outside verification.

3) Developers: Create user-focused programs that eliminate away unnecessary passwords and ineffective authentication procedures.

What is Decentralized Identity?

Decentralized Identity is a novel identification strategy that provides people with more control over their personal information. It is a system that enables individuals to create and maintain their own unique digital identity without depending on a centralized authority. Instead, it makes a tamper-proof record of a person's identification using blockchain technology, which they may then distribute to others as needed.

As the field of digital identity continues to develop, privacy, security, and interoperability remain critical elements in providing high-quality services for both organizations and their clients. With decentralized identity, users can store their credentials in a secure digital wallet and allow organizations access to specific pieces of data, ensuring that their personal information remains safe and protected.

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Decentralized Technology: Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Since there is no identity layer on the Internet, trusted third parties have been in charge of the majority of identity-related transactions up to this point. However, since more and more of our lives are becoming digital, the outdated digital identification model creates a single point of failure and is having trouble keeping up with the quick advancements in technology.

A sort of digital identity called self-sovereign identification gives you control over your own personal data. It implies that you are the owner of your personal information, including your name, date of birth, and address, and that you are free to choose when and with whom to share it. You can take control and protect your personal information using this kind of digital identification. Your data can be kept locally on your device or on a trustworthy cloud platform. Self-sovereign identification enables you to fully control your digital identity and select when and to whom your personal data may be accessible. It's a safe and private way to handle your identifying information, providing you with confidence that your data is in your hands.

At AYANWORKS, we also utilize Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology further to enhance the security and privacy of your data. ZKP is a cryptographic protocol that allows one party to demonstrate to another that they know specific information without actually revealing that information.


Verifiable Credentials

Verifiable Credentials are digital credentials that can be transferred between individuals or organizations. They enable simple identity and credentials verification and are based on the concepts of decentralization and self-sovereign identity. Verifiable Credentials are tamper-proof and unchangeable since they are kept on a decentralized ledger. This implies that once a credential has been issued, it can be confirmed by anyone without the requirement for a centralized authority.

In order to verify a credential, a person must first ask the user for its contents and then read the blockchain's description document. After that, the verifier can carry out cryptographic or other procedures to ascertain whether the credential is genuine and unaltered.



Our service provides the following benefits:

1. User-Controlled Identity

With our decentralized digital identity service, you have control over the identity information that is provided about you. You control how your identifying information is shared and who has access to it.


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2_Secure_Data_Management_ffa0ef7782.svg fill.svg2. Secure Data Management

To keep your identity data safe and prevent unauthorized access, our service employs cutting-edge encryption and cryptographic

3. Simple Verification

Sharing your identity information with others is made simple by verifiable credentials. Knowing that your credentials are secure and cannot be altered gives you the confidence to disclose them.


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4_Simplified_Procedures_47c4aa0c2e.svg fill.svg4. Simplified Procedures

Our service simplifies identity verification procedures, making the process faster and more effective when it comes to confirming your identification

We provide a safe and dependable platform to maintain their digital identities via our decentralized digital identity and verifiable credentials service. Because our service is based on blockchain technology, your identity information is tamper-proof and cannot be changed by any third party.



Our team comprises seasoned professionals with deep expertise in SSI, blockchain, and identity management. In order to provide complete SSI solutions, AYANWORKS combines the strength of industry standards, cutting-edge technology, and cooperative networks. This is what we do:

1. Industry Standards: We follow industry-recognized frameworks and protocols, such as Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs), as established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). These standards make ensuring that various SSI implementations are trustworthy, compatible, and interoperable.

2. Innovative Technologies: We harness the capabilities of Hyperledger Aries and Indy, which offer a solid platform for creating decentralized identification solutions. These technologies provide scalable, safe, and private methods of managing DIDs, distributing VCs, and enabling safe interactions between identity holders and relying parties.

3. Collaborative Networks: We closely collaborate with well-known networks like Sovrin, Indicio, Cheqd, and Polygon to make use of their knowledge, infrastructure, and ecosystem support. These networks offer a robust framework for SSI deployments, providing seamless communication, trust establishment, and international interoperability.


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