Like every time, AYANWORKS is proud to sponsor the IIW Spring (April 2024) and DICE (June 2024). We are eager to meet everyone in person!

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March - April 2024

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Highlights of the month:

Celebrating AYANWORKS' 9th Foundation Day:

March and April mark a series of significant achievements for AYANWORKS. On 23 March 2024, we celebrated our 9th Foundation Day, commemorating nearly a decade of Trust and innovation in the field of emerging technologies. We adopted to digital form by issuing verifiable credentials as part of our annual rewards and recognition program to recognize their outstanding performance. This change is to ensure that we move from paper to digital and sustainable solutions thereby adding a layer of authenticity and security to our commitment to continuous processes by leveraging cutting-edge technologies like blockchain for real-world applications. This is a perfect example of how digital credentials can be used in the HR domain for mapping the individuals’ skills, and important documents that are verified.

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MOSIP Connect Event:

Additionally, our team had the honor of participating in the first edition of the MOSIP Connect event in Ethiopia. The event brought together key changemakers in the digital identity sphere, fostering collaboration and in-depth discussions on inclusive digital identity systems. Our team engaged in insightful discussions, exchanged ideas, and forged valuable connections to further propel our mission of fostering trust and innovation in the digital space.

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Women in Blockchain Season-V:

Furthermore, Ankita Patidar, Tech Lead Products, shared her insights in the "Women in Blockchain Season-V, 2024" event hosted by Hyperledger India Chapter & Hyperledger Foundation , She discussed the crucial role of sustainability and social impact in the blockchain space, emphasizing how blockchain technology can be harnessed for positive change. Ankita's talk shed light on innovative ways to leverage blockchain for addressing environmental and social challenges, highlighting our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

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Rebranding Announcement:

April brought a significant milestone in our journey as we unveiled our new logo and brand identity. This rebranding reflects our ongoing evolution and commitment to innovation. We've also shared detailed insights on this transformation in this blog post.

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AYANWORKS at the Internet Identity Workshop-XXXVIII:

AYANWORKS proudly sponsored the Internet Identity Workshop (IIWXXXVIII) event once again. Our CEO, Kalyan Kulkarni, and CTO, Ajay Jadhav, attended the event, engaging with experts and veterans in the field of SSI. Internet Identity Workshop(IIW) was an interactive unConference that was held in the open space of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, San Francisco. Unlike traditional events with keynotes and panels, IIW was all about rolling up your sleeves and 'getting stuff done'! At IIW, every identity-related topic imaginable was likely explored in greater depth and detail than at any other gathering.


CREDEBL New Releases: Elevating the Credentialing Experience

CREDEBL v1.0.0 is released!

New Features:

  • Real-time notifications on issuance and verification, ensuring seamless communication even when the mobile app is not opened.
  • Migration from Supabase Auth to Keycloak for user management, API Authentication. Enhancing security and streamlining user management.
  • Support for Credo v0.5.0
  • White-labelling (branding) support, allowing you to add your own logos, colors, and other visual elements.
  • Generate unique client IDs and client secrets effortlessly, streamlining the process of connecting external applications to CREDEBL Developer API.
Explore v1.0.0 now:

Blockchain and Decentralized Identity News:

The Ethiopian Prime Minister applauds digital ID as a cornerstone of the 'Digital Ethiopia 2025' strategy

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has expressed appreciation for technologies like the Fayda digital ID, acknowledging their role in advancing the country's digital transformation agenda. Read more

MEPs back plans for an EU-wide digital wallet

This digital identity framework aims to facilitate seamless access to essential public services for EU citizens across national borders. The regulation adopted on 29 Feb 2024, previously ratified by EU ministers, outlines the establishment of a Digital Identity Wallet. This platform enables individuals to authenticate and verify their online identity without reliance on commercial providers – a practice that raises trust, security and privacy concerns. Read more

Use Case Spotlight:

Transforming HR Operations: The Power of Verifiable Credentials

In today's fast-paced digital world, Human Resources (HR) departments face the constant challenge of streamlining processes while ensuring data security and authenticity. With a verifiable credentials platform, HR teams can swiftly authenticate candidates' qualifications and certifications. Let's delve into why HR as a function should embrace verifiable credentials. Read more

Empowering Education with Verifiable Credentials

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, traditional paper-based academic credentials are becoming outdated and inefficient. They are cumbersome to manage, prone to fraud, and costly to verify. However, emerging technologies like Verifiable Credentials (VCs) offer a transformative solution for the education sector. Let's delve into how this technology can shape the future of the education sector. Read more


Decentralized Identity: A Game Changer for Digital Citizenship

In an age defined by relentless technological evolution, our lives have seamlessly integrated into the complex web of the digital world. From social interactions to financial trxansactions, our activities are increasingly finding their home online. Yet, this digital transformation is not without its challenges, particularly concerning identity and privacy. As our lives migrate into this digital sphere, ensuring the security and authenticity of our identities becomes crucial. This is exactly where decentralized identity emerges as a game changer for the landscape of digital citizenship. Read more

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