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Empowering Education with Verifiable Credentials


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In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, traditional paper-based academic credentials are becoming outdated and inefficient. They are cumbersome to manage, prone to fraud, and costly to verify. However, emerging technologies like Verifiable Credentials (VCs) offer a transformative solution for the education sector. Let's delve into how this technology can shape the future of the education sector.

Streamlining Admissions

The admission process can be a daunting task for both students and administrative staff. Endless forms, prerequisite details, and academic records can make the process lengthy and stressful. However, with the integration of Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) and Verifiable Credentials, institutions can streamline admissions procedures. SSI enables decentralization of digital identities, granting learners control over their digital personas while facilitating the secure exchange of necessary information. This not only simplifies admissions but also reduces institutional costs associated with the process.

Efficient Certificate Issuance

Traditional methods of issuing education certificates involve significant time and resources, often leading to delays and inefficiencies. Physical certificates are marred with controversies such as being fake and forged. Verifiable Credentials streamline this process by enabling institutions to issue digital certificates in real-time. Through automated systems like CREDEBL, institutions can generate and distribute verifiable digital credentials seamlessly, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This not only reduces administrative burden but also enhances the overall efficiency of certificate issuance, ensuring that learners receive digital secure credentials on time.

Advantages of Verifiable Credentials

For Learners

  • Access to academic credentials without the hassle of paying for transcripts and waiting for copies.
  • Ability to compile credentials and certifications from various educational organizations.
  • Maintain a comprehensive, verifiable digital library of lifelong learning accomplishments to share with recruiters and employers.

For Education Organizations

  • Manage and issue academic credentials at scale with a simple, safe, and inexpensive process.
  • Eliminate the risk of identity fraud and counterfeit education credentials.
  • Accelerate enrollment, onboarding, and certification processes.

For Recruiters and Employers

  • Automate onboarding and HR procedures with portable digital credentials.
  • Accelerate certification verification of credentials for new hires and recruits.
  • Simplify recruiting with faster qualification of new applicants and pinpoint the skills you need.

CREDEBL: Revolutionizing Credential Management

CREDEBL emerges as a pivotal player in the educational landscape, offering a comprehensive solution for credential issuance, storage, and verification. Developed by Blockster Labs, a product division of AYANWORKS, CREDEBL automates tasks and eliminates the need for physical certificates, reducing administrative burden and enhancing efficiency while ensuring trust and data privacy throughout the process. Seamless integration with ADEYA, an SSI-based mobile wallet application, further empowers students to access and share their credentials effortlessly, fostering a culture of self-promotion and empowerment.

Explore how CREDEBL and ADEYA can help universities, institutions, and students. Start a new era of quick, safe, and affordable certificates.

Explore CREDEBL here.

Download the ADEYA app here

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